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Oilseed and Grain Farming

Parkland Farms is a family run business started in 1950 by Russell and Helena Park. Passing the farm down through the generations, the business is now run by Doug Park; his son, Dave Park; and their cousin, Larry Park. Dave Park is the 3rd generation involved in the family farming business.

Farming photo with combine and tractor

With the help of landowners in the area who have been partners in the growth of the farm, the Park family has grown their cropping business by running a business based on their core values; honesty, integrity, and creating a positive work environment. With the help of 35 valued employees, and new modern equipment, Parkland Farms is able to swiftly plant, harvest, and spray fields, ensuring maximum yields and returns for their valued sharecroppers.

Diversified and Delivering

Having on-site storage, legal scales, and a fleet of trucks, Parkland Farms keeps all duties in house giving sharecroppers peace of mind knowing that yield data and inventory can accurately be maintained. Parkland Farms is also a licenced grain elevator, ensuring that sharecroppers are guaranteed payment no matter the circumstance. Parkland Farms also has bulk fertilizer storage, and a fertilizer blending facility allowing for maximum efficiency, passing savings to their valued sharecroppers. Parkland Farms uses the latest technologies on equipment to ensure they are farming safely, and sustainably preserving the land for many future generations to come.

Let’s Work Together

With over 65 years in the business Parkland Farms would appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your farm. Please contact Doug, Larry, or Dave if you are considering sharecropping or renting out your land and have any questions.